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JIM BURNSTom's bday 523Tom's bday 597

Friends together to celebrate Tom Duncan’s birthday

Tiger of the Year Dr.Thomas Moore

Tom Moore was named the Tiger of the Year: pictured here Tom Duncan, David Balding, Norm Parisien, Frank Valdez; front row- Lynn Valdez, Tom Moore, Peggy Moore, Pam Weatherby, Sue Ovitt, and Gary Ovitt.


ground breaking at alhs


Sue Ovitt at ground breaking ceremony for ALHS new football field

Bocanegra and grandchildrenManuel and Kelly Bocanegra with their grandchildren 2014





MIke Milhiser with bunny ears 2015CHS_-_Toni_Moore_Broyles_photo Mike Milhiser getting ready for Easter at Suzanne’s Flower shop March 2015


to left: Bob and Toni Moore Broyles


Sue in 4th parade with Chris HollisterSue Ovitt and Chris Hollister at the Ontario 4th of July parade 2014


Karen Acosta HolmesKaren Acosta Holmes Sue getting doused with water Sue Ovitt at Ontario High

Sue Ovitt getting wet at Ontario High School rally

Rusty Cushing and Tom Duncan attended the Dodger/Angel game at Angel Stadium on August 7, 2014!

Rusty Cushing and Tom Duncan attended the Dodger/Angel game at Angel Stadium on August 7, 2014!

July 2 2013 417July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 406July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 403Frank Valdez- July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 439Gary Ovitt, County Supervisor- July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 387Sue Ovitt riding in the parade- President of the School Board and the Superintendent, Mat Holden driving- July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 367Ready for the parade…July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 370Sally and her husband- July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 345July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 346Mike and Kim Harrison-

July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 341Stan Dolinski, LynnValdez and Mike Harrison- July 4, 2013


July 2 2013 336




Janie and Rusty Cushing- July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 338Mike Milhiser in his Patriotic outfit…July 4,2013 July 2 2013 337Gary and Sue Ovitt hosted the 4th of July party 2013 July 2 2013 329






Jim and Cheryl Semon July 4, 2013 July 2 2013 327Gail and Lynn getting ready for the parade July4, 2013 July 2 2013 325Gary Ovitt helping to make omelets on July 4, 2013 IMG_4183Rusty Cushing and Tom Duncan at the Angel/Dodger game on May 29, 2013! May 2013 140MAY 2013 Sue Olinger Ovitt named Alumni Tiger of the Year 2013May 2013 141 May 2013 146 Reception held at the Ovitt’s home 524732_327254070735923_1611261458_n[1]Remember the Tiger?

923217_334616009999729_2008065693_n[1]View from inside auditorium foyer!

Mike and Kim Harrison

Vickee and Tom Duncan

Pam and Norm Parisian

Debbie Manuel D Becheret and husbandNorm Parisian and his wife

above: Debbie and Paul deBecheret Linda, Robin, Paula, Debbie, Liz, Sue and Betty

Debbie and husband, Liz Solis and Mike Milhiser

Welcome Tigers..Happy “65th” Birthday!

Tom Duncan and David Balding

Barbi Apel, Lynn Valdez, and Ginny Carter

Candi Jackson and Tally Benton

Ready for the party!

above: Linda, Gail and Paula

LaDonna and Greg Joyner

correction: Robin Ross Baith Sue Mortensen, Betty Capasso, Paula Van Mil, Robin Ross Rath

Dana and Ron Hermison and Robin Roth Bash

correction: Robin Ross Baith

Tally Benton

Steve Philott, Rex Robledo and Bruce Jackson

Lou Personett and John Holladay

Art Luciani and Bill Sargarent

Toom Duncan, Gary Ovitt and Mike Milhiser leading the cheers!

correction: Tom Duncan

Singing “Happy Birthday”

Mike Milhiser                                         Tom Duncan & Greg JoynerSue Ovitt and Steve Philpott



Ginny, Candi, Sue and Gail                                                                                                                                                                                                     Don and Kathi Stockwell

Stan & Pam Dolinski and BillRex and Val Robledo

Patti Case and the Jacksons- Bruce and Ellie

Jim and Cheryl SemonMike Harrison and Liz Solis

Lynn and Frank Valdez

Frank Valdez , Patti Earp and friends

Mike and Tom tour guidesTour group Rusty and Janie Cushing at Angels dugout in Anaheim, California

Lynn Tegtmeier Valdez and Gail Trewett Werhane

Jim Burns, Mike Jordan, Louis Mahinay and John Holladay(seated); John Littleton and David Mandeville ( in background)

Mary Ball Berry and her husband Mike Berry

                                                                                  Kevin Toole and Mike Harrison

                           David Mandeville

            Lou Personett and Tom Duncan

Candi Jackson Burroughs and LaDonna Wilcox


                                                                                               IIa Parnel and Frank Valdez

 Back side of the gym; practice music hall

                               Rusty Cushing

Coach Jim Semon, Cheryl Semon and Kevin Toole

                              Chef Gary Ovitt

Val Robledo, Terry Weatherby and Pam Wiltsey Weatherby

               Randy Jennison and Stan Dolinski

              John Littleton and Mike Milhiser

Janice Burgin Caldwell, Candy Jackson Burroughs, Patti Nott Eberle and Lynn Tegtmeier Valdez

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